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The History of Falafel

    Falafels are a fried ball of garbanzo beans (chickpeas) combined with parsley, cilantro spices and sesame seeds. People have been growing chickpeas for over 15 to 20,000 years, and while the history of falafel is probably not that ancient, it has been around long enough that its origin is shrouded in history – and somewhat controversial!, but what is clear is that falafel is a food that uses foods common in the middle east and is popular throughout the region.

Up until the 20th century, falafel seems to have been a local cuisine found only in the Middle East. But starting in the early 1900′s, there was increase in the number of Middle Eastern communities settling in Europe and the United States, these settlers inevitably brought their favorite foods from home along with them.

Over time, diners in the west slowly became more curious about Middle Eastern food, and falafel began to appear in supermarkets and restaurants along with other traditional Middle Eastern fare. Even fast food chains began to catch on to the falafel craze, with Subway rolling out a falafel sandwich in 2010 as dedicated falafel restaurants sprang up all over the world. Unlike these fast food chains, diners and supermarkets we at KING FALAFEL SEBASTOPOL proudly offer fresh falafel made to order preserving the amazing nutritional value and exquisite taste of falafel.

So please come and enjoy our Mediterranean and Greek Hospitality and our freshly made specialties, (Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Kabob, Falafel & Gyros) and eat like a king at king falafel.

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